In June of 2011 my husband Michael and I packed up our home in Texas for a one- to two-year assignment overseas. The current plan is to stay in Singapore through the end of the year and then relocate to Leiden, The Netherlands for about a year. Whereas my husband will be busy overseeing some very important pipeline work, my new job(s) will be dog walker, homemaker, and travel coordinator.

While overseas, I plan to spend some time focusing on hobbies that didn’t get nearly enough attention when I was working full-time in Houston. Mastering the art of yoga, becoming a world-renowned photographer, and debuting my first solo album are at the top of my list. But I’ll settle for holding the “crow” asana for more than 4 seconds, taking night photos without a blur, and learning ‘Hail to the Victors’ on the acoustic guitar.

I started this blog to keep our friends and family informed of what we’re doing and where we’ve been. Additionally, I’m looking forward to rekindling my passion for writing – something I pushed aside for the past 5 years while living in a world of numbers and reports. Forgive me if I start out a bit rusty… it’s been a while!


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