Days 215-216: A Bale of Our Own

A Balinese bale (pronounced ball-ay) is a raised, open-air pavilion with a roof. This is where Michael and I spent most of our last two days in Bali. The Conrad hotel on the Tanjong Benoa peninsula in south Bali is situated on one of the nicest stretches of beach in all of Bali. Their beachside bales are lined with royal blue cushions and pillows and are serviced by attentive waiters who bring water, cool hand towels, and a water mister as soon as you sit down. On both days we arrived shortly after breakfast and stayed until early afternoon, ordering lunch off of the poolside menu. It was the definition of relaxation. We lounged, armed with books and music with sunlight filtering in through the thatched roof and crashing waves as background noise.

Relaxing in our Bale

Bales along the Beach

Water Sports and Distant Storms

Since we had a late return flight, Michael and I were able to swing by Uluwatu on our way to the airport to watch the sunset. The sunset was amazing but this tourist site seemed to be more about the monkeys than the view. After my previous encounter with a sneaky monkey we were sure to secure our possessions prior to leaving the car. Others were not as lucky. In a matter of 60 seconds we witnessed three snatchings by three monkeys. First, a woman had her glasses torn from her face. Next, her male companion had his hat swiped off of his head. Finally, another female member of the same tour group had a pearl earring pulled from her ear. Nearby locals used fruit to negotiate with the monkeys and get the belongings back, but not before they had been thoroughly examined and chewed. We snapped some photos and sped back to the car to avoid becoming victims of the sneaky monkeys.

Stand too close to the railing and your stuff will get snatched!

Taking a break from thievery

It was a quick but full 4 days in Bali. The island has quickly become one of my favorite places to visit as it’s so full of culture, beauty, and incredibly kind and interesting people.


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