Day 213: Traditional Balinese Dance

When I visited Bali with my friend Megan in September we caught a quick performance of a traditional Balinese dance while eating dinner at our resort. I was so intrigued that I sought out another performance on my next trip. Michael went along to humor me (“Sure Cass, of course I’d like to see a dance performance. Sounds almost as cool as Muay Thai boxing.”), but even he was impressed.

There’s something about the gamelan music, elaborate dress, and the dancers’ movements that take you to another place. We went to see the evening performance at Ubud Palace and enjoyed a series of dances, each telling a different story. I had my camera ready this time and was able to capture some photographs that will always help me remember that enchanting night. Here are some of my favorites!


2 thoughts on “Day 213: Traditional Balinese Dance

  1. Your photographs are amazing! You could put together your own “coffee table” book with all your incredible photos from your Asia adventure – and incorporate your entertaining blog entries into the book as well!

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