Sidebar: A Change of Plans

The only constant at ExxonMobil is change, so I wasn’t entirely surprised to hear that we were moving back to Houston instead of to The Netherlands. That’s not to say that I wasn’t disappointed. I was. Incredibly so. You wouldn’t believe all of the weekend getaways and elaborate sight-seeing trips I had planned in my head! All out the window with one quick email. I spent approximately 24 hours shuffling between the bedroom and the couch with a box of Kleenex feeling quite sorry for myself. And then I got over it.

So we wont get to live in The Netherlands and explore Europe for the next year, but we have seen a lot of Southeast Asia and I’m incredibly grateful for that. We have approximately one month left here in Singapore and hope to take at least one more trip before we leave: Beijing to see the Great Wall of China. Now that it has bit, I’m sure that the travel bug wont just disappear. We’ll continue to see the world, perhaps just a little bit more slowly than we had planned on.


One thought on “Sidebar: A Change of Plans

  1. I’m sure there will be another expat opportunity in Europe before too long! Like you said, the only constant with Exxon Mobil is plans keep changing :-)

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