Days 178 – 201: There’s No Place Like Home

Singapore surely has Christmas Spirit. Orchard Road was strung with enough lights to make it to the moon and back, and its many malls were home to all variety of two-story Christmas trees and larger-than-life snow globes. Creative shopping centers embraced themed scenes such as ‘Care Bear Christmastime’ or ‘Angry Birds wish you a Happy Christmas’. Without that pesky Thanksgiving holiday to get in the way, radios and grocery stores began blasting Christmas music at the beginning of November. Restaurants, hotels, and apartment complexes imported real Douglas Firs from God-knows-where. The amount and extent of the Christmas decorations was something I’ve never seen the likes of in the United States.

Despite my adopted country’s best efforts to get me in the Christmas spirit, it was being home that really did the trick. There may not have been much snow, but there were heated games of Apples to Apples in front of the fireplace, incredible meals prepared by mom, evenings spent laughing over wine with family and friends, and enough love to warm the very depths of your being. There really is no place like home.


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