Day 157: Thanksgiving in Singapore

Thanksgiving in Singapore

Thanksgiving in Singapore

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays back home. A four-day weekend spent with family and friends watching football and eating great food. What’s not to love? Naturally we would want to try and recreate the holiday here in Singapore, although the circumstances aren’t quite ideal.

The first (and worst) difference is that since Thanksgiving is an American holiday, there’s no four-day weekend. Not a big deal for me since I currently have unlimited vacation, but a huge bummer for Michael. The next difference is that due to the 13-hour time difference from EST, football games are generally played while we’re fast asleep. Again, not a huge deal to me (I love Michigan football, but I don’t care too much about watching other teams) but a big bummer for Michael.  Finally, ingredients for the Thanksgiving meal that are readily available in the US have to be purchased at the Expat (read: expensive) grocery store at a ridiculous mark-up. French’s Fried Onions for S$9? Give me a break!

Despite the obstacles, my friend Hannah and I attempted to recreate the holiday feeling here in Singapore. She took on most of the cooking, having been fortunate enough to find an apartment with a normal sized oven. I cooked a couple of the sides in my mini microwave/convection oven and brought them over to her place.

The meal was an astounding success! We had all of the required foods: turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, and pumpkin pie. And it was delicious. Hannah did a great job with her first solo turkey and Jon turned out to be an excellent bird carver. Michael and I enjoyed the traditional meal with our new friends, followed by an evening of Tiger Beer, Wine, Chinese Rice Wine and board games. All in all, a great Thanksgiving in Singapore!


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