Day 130: Monkey Business

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

Macaques are about the same size and shape as a cat, but they differ from cats in a big way: they do NOT run from dogs. In fact, these monkeys will run TOWARDS them, hissing and baring their teeth. We realized this unfortunate fact on a walk through Singapore’s Southern Ridges parks one Sunday afternoon.

Maybe the aggressive male was protecting this little guy?

We had just left the carpark and were setting out for our walk when we saw a family of five monkeys in the walkway a short distance ahead. Thinking nothing of it, we continued walking in their direction. Lexi noticed the monkeys and started pulling hard on her leash towards them. We were about 10 feet from one of the larger male monkeys when it began to run at her. Naturally, we shrieked like little girls and ran back toward the car. The monkey must have thought us not worth the chase – it turned around, gathered its family, and very slowly started to walk away. So slowly, in fact, that I felt as if we were being mocked. We waited for about 5 minutes until they disappeared into the forest and then resumed our walk, now on high alert.

Monkey Watching Sunset

Monkey Watching Sunset

The rest of the walk (as seen here in photos) was pleasantly uneventful. We had a couple more monkey sightings but managed to keep our distance from the frightening beasts. In the future, we’ll probably be taking our nature walks sans pup!

Housing Development Board (HDB) Flats, where most Singaporeans live


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