Day 116: Life is a Beach

The constant heat and humidity in Singapore makes it difficult for our dog Lexi to get as much exercise as she did back in the States. As a result, Lexi put on a few extra lbs (like many expats do!), or as our Houston vet would put it, she was starting to get a little sausage-shaped. Since no one wants a sausage-shaped Labrador, Michael and I decided to take her for a swim at Tanjong Beach on Sentosa Island one Sunday afternoon in October.

Michael, Lexi, and her extra lbs

Michael, Lexi, and her extra lbs

We got to the beach and were surprised how nice it was relative to other beaches in Singapore. Despite being an island in the generally scenic Southeast Asia region, Singapore’s beaches are anything but beautiful. This is because it’s one of the busiest ports in the world and at any given time there are about 1,000 vessels in the port. This causes murky water, tar balls, and a horizon dotted with ships in every direction. Tanjong Beach is part of a small man-made cove that keeps it slightly insulated from the trash and oil surrounding the ships.

Ships, Ships, Ships

Ships, Ships, Ships

After an intense 30 minute round of fetch, Lexi had a saltwater induced “Marley and Me” moment on the sand (I’d rather not describe it in detail, so let’s just say that drinking 2+ liters of saltwater would do a number on your system, too). We rinsed her off, headed home, and decided to never ever take her to a saltwater beach again. Ever. Another effective (and much easier) way for an inactive dog to lose weight? Less food.

Note: Theoretically, day 116 should come before days 126-128. BUT, theory doesn’t hold when you forget to download your photos in order and your blog strategy is to upload photos, edit photos, and write about experience from photos. Oops!


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