Sidebar: Around the World We Go!

This week Michael and I booked our tickets to go home to Texas in November for a wedding (congrats Payton and Katherine! Can’t wait!). We’re flying Continental through Tokyo… over the Pacific! If you remember my first post you’ll know we flew KLM through Amsterdam over the Atlantic on the way here. So, it’s official. We’ll be traveling all of the way around the world! I’m relieved to say that at least half of my blog title is not a lie.

Yeah! I'm not a liar!

Besides not being a liar AND getting to go to Payton and Katherine’s wedding, there are a few other things I get to be very, very excited about. In no particular order, they are:

  • Seeing mom and dad, good friends, and some of my O’Reilly family
  • Fresh cider and donuts from the apple orchard
  • Seeing baby G dressed up for her very first Halloween
  • TexMex, TexMex, TexMex :)

These are actually a mix of Michigan and Texas delights. I’ll be flying up north to visit for a few days while Michael works from the Houston office. In the meantime, I’ll be relaxing on the beaches of Bali then Khao Lak (near Phuket) with my friend Megan. This is going to be a good autumn!


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