Days 23 – 31: Becoming a Light Painter

Using aperture priority @ Clark Quay

Having purchased a DSLR camera (you know, the kind where you can change the lens) over two years ago and not getting very far past the “Auto” mode, I was anxious to spend some of my newly gained free time learning how to REALLY use the thing. I signed myself up for a 6-session course at the Canon Imaging Studio in Singapore that started the second week in July.

I loved the course! The instructor was hilarious and spoke the most fluent Singlish I’ve heard to-date (more on Singlish in a later post). The other students were mostly locals and were extremely friendly. And best yet – I learned so much and had fun while I was doing it.

The first lesson included a 10-minute lecture on why all photographers are artists. The word photography is derived from the Greek “phos” (light) and “graphis”  (painting).  Thus, he concluded, we are light painters. I’m thinking this might be a sensitive subject to those who work in the field.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the practical lessons. The rest of the shots in the album are demonstrating certain techniques I learned. Not the most awe-inspiring shots, but quite helpful in my learning process.

Night photography @ Merlion Park: Singapore skyline

Shutter priority @ Sentosa (fake waterfall!)

Night photography @ Merlion Park: The Merlion!!


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