Day 11: We’re Bringing Lexi Back (Yeah!)

Relaxing after a long day!

Lexi was finally delivered to us on Sunday, June 26th, after being locked up in quarantine for 10 days. Michael and I are so happy to have our doggie back! And she seems equally excited to be back with us.

Even after 5 nights in a hotel, a 24-hour flight (with a 12 hour layover in Amsterdam), and 10 days in quarantine, Lexi seems better than ever. She’s quickly adjusted to apartment life and is enjoying her early morning walks.

Our air shipment arrived on Day 9 with all of our things and we were able to unpack before Lexi was delivered to us. Now that we have our stuff AND our dog, this place is starting to feel like home!

See more Lexi homecoming photos here.


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