Days 1-7: A Rough Start, Settling In, and Cold Showers

The weeks leading up to our move were more hectic than I had anticipated. We had a laundry list of to-dos, the details of which I wont make you suffer through.  On top of preparing for the move, Michael and I decided to squeeze in a trip to Maine to visit family (two weeks before the move) and I jetted off on a 36-hour trip to Michigan to meet the cutest newborn in the world (the week before the move).  Needless to say, as soon as we walked in the airport we were ready to get on the airplane and have a glass of champagne. We were SO ready. That’s why it was so disappointing when they wouldn’t let us on the plane.

Our best efforts to flawlessly move our dog Lexi across the world were sabotaged by an uninformed airline reservation agent. The aircraft we were scheduled to fly on from Houston to Amsterdam didn’t have a pressurized cargo hold for our 75-pound furry kid. We were eventually rescheduled for the next day, on an aircraft fully equipped to transport Lexi. The rest of the trip was pleasantly uneventful.

We arrived in Singapore on June 16th. Our first week in Singapore was spent mostly settling in to our new home. We had HR meetings, a tour of the city, and I started putting together a calendar to keep myself busy during the week while Michael is at work. The apartment is rather comfortable, and I’m learning to use all of the gadgets that are standard here but not in the US: a single unit (mini) washer/dryer, a convection microwave oven with 12+ settings, a rice cooker, and several hot water heater switches.

That last one took us a few days to figure out. Who would have thought that the “heater” switch outside both of the bathrooms and the kitchen controlled the hot water heater? I thought the switches were for heating fans. Necessary in Michigan, but in Singapore? No way. So I immediately turned them all off when I took my first tour around the apartment. By the third morning of cold showers, we figured it was just not possible that EVERYONE in the apartment complex took their shower at the exact same time as us, so we started playing around with those confusing “heater” buttons. Bingo – hot showers!

Here are a few photos of the apartment. Click here to view the entire album.


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